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The Myth of Mithridate

During the first century BCE, Mithridates VI, the King of Pontus combined medical knowledge of antidotes of the time, he brought forth a preventative antidote dubbed mithridate. Nearly a century later, Celsus recorded the formula in his De Medicina, which included 36 ingredients. These ingredients were primarily flora derivatives. According to the recipe, in completed... Continue Reading →

The Pestle with the Poison…

One of my favorite ditties from old-timey movies is the 'Chalice from the Palace' scene between Danny Kaye and Angela Lansbury in The Court Jester. For those of you who have somehow missed this cult classic, here is the scene I am talking about.  You should find a copy and watch the whole thing.  Danny Kaye... Continue Reading →

London Plague of 1603

The fact that this will post during Pennsic is appropriate.  Generally I teach it there, but this year, Pennsic is a no go for me due to personal issues. I originally lectured on this topic at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA in 2013.  Since then I have continued to update the topic and teach... Continue Reading →

An Overview of Renaissance Medicine 101

In a perfect world, these blog posts would be in chronological order, each building on the ones before it to create a clear picture of medicine during the Renaissance. However, my  brain does not necessarily work in order.  Those who know me personally know that I have a habit of telling stories backwards.  Then forgetting... Continue Reading →

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