SCA – Dance Primer Notes

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Iron Bog (Southern NJ) dance primer that I held yesterday.  As always, a special thank you to Sterling and Nefertiti for allowing me to use part of their space.  We're discussing the possibility of future dance collaboration, provided there is interest from the group. We had... Continue Reading →


SCA: Fund Your Auctions!

'tis the season for SCA Auctions. Several of these have opened their arms up to donations to out of Kingdom donations/bidders, and I'm giddy as I am donating research help. Research is expensive, and not everything is accessible for free on the internet.  Have you ever researched your topic, or a thing that you know... Continue Reading →

Tracing History Backwards: Story Time

I cannot tell you how often I have started this blog post.  It’s a story, and I’m not a bard.  I’m a researcher.  I’m a sociologist.  I’m a historian – by trade and formal education.  From these things I can tell you facts, but stories?  Well I never quite make my charisma check on that.... Continue Reading →

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