English Country Dance in SCA Period – Part 1.5

I understand that I left off in sort of a weird place last week, and that is because the research that I did for Sellenger’s Round was extensive.  Sellenger’s Round – as anyone who knew me during the 15 years that I was an active dance mistress will tell you – is my all time favorite... Continue Reading →


English Country Dance in SCA Period – Part 1

This is the first part of the research.  The dance research that I did between 2000 - 2009.  The internet was a lot less helpful back then, although most of my research was done through it.  Google Books was still considered sketchy by most researchers because they weren't certain if the scans of the books... Continue Reading →

Tracing History Backwards: Story Time

I cannot tell you how often I have started this blog post.  It’s a story, and I’m not a bard.  I’m a researcher.  I’m a sociologist.  I’m a historian – by trade and formal education.  From these things I can tell you facts, but stories?  Well I never quite make my charisma check on that.... Continue Reading →

History in the News: Sources Count

Recently a topic came across my Facebook feed:  "Archaeologists Found the Perfectly Preserved Corpse of a 350 Year Old Friend Noblewoman."  The source was Absolute History.  The story was underwhelming and left something to be desired for the academically minded.  That is to say that although the article was well written and had the name... Continue Reading →

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