The Wound Man

The Medieval and Renaissance eras were not pleasant places to live.  Hollywood, history buffs and reenactments often romanticize what was transpiring, even when we bake in the hot sun.  But, if we get hurt the cell phones come out and EMS is called.  At the end of a hot -day-week we can go back home and... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter and the History Of Medicine

One of the lingering mysteries for me is where did JK Rowling get her history of medicine/history of science knowledge.  She doesn't just get a primary or peripheral level of medical knowledge and understanding.  Harry Potter - as a series - has a ridiculous amount of history of medicine and history of science in it... Continue Reading →

Premature Burial: Renaissance Case Studies

With the understanding that the term "case studies" makes people think of well documented, partitioned reports that are well detailed and tell a background history, what was being presented, and then a follow up. Prior to the nineteenth century, this was not the case, though.  Case Studies were short - generally no longer than a... Continue Reading →

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